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Platform Plan and Features

Deployment Options OnDemand Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud
The CloudFactorWorx Platform features are offered on all of the offered deployment plans. Our clients enjoy the benefits of being able to adopt and choose features that are right for their company and grow independently of deployment plans.
  Advanced Material Tracking with CloudFactoryWorx™ 

CloudFactoryWorx™ allows for customizable WIP Tracking Dashboards, to easily monitor manufacturing order Production states (Hold,Queued and InProcess..), while providing a configurable Rules-Based Dispatcher that tracks the Bill-of-Materials and perform integrated commands to transact with modern ERP Systems.

Bill of Materials Assessment & Status Tracker

Configurable Rule-Based Dispatch Management

Real-time WIP (Work-In-Progress) Tracker

Integrated commands to perform transactions with ERP

  Integrated Work Instruction Traveler with CloudFactoryWorx™ 

CloudFactoryWorx™ allows configurable Modular/Hierarchy based bottom up work instructions, with interactive instructions with images and training video links.This approach allows for quality through certified Operator/Technicians. This also ensures Work-Instructions compliance while providing precise tabular timing reports for improving manufacturing effeciency.

Paperless, Interactive Work-Instructions

Real-time production Event Notifications

Precise Tabular Timing Reports

  Supplier Integrated Non-Conformance Material Report Manager with CloudFactoryWorx™ 

CloudFactoryWorx™ integates Non-Conformance Management with Web-based record management that links Suppliers and Customers through automated workflow. This approach allows for Role based escalation with electronic approval and task manager. Historical Analysis of the data provides insight to generate Supplier Quality Score Cards.

Workflow assisted Escalation, Electronic Approval and Task Manager

Automated Notification with mobile access

  Real-time SPC and Data Analytics with CloudFactoryWorx™ 

CloudFactoryWorx™ offers integated, State-based, Real-time Statistical Process Control. The state-based Violation Management allows for effective tracking of OOC/OOS conditions. Integrated Failure-Mode and ANOVA analysis reports offer On-Demand Engineering analysis. Manufacturing Health of Line Reports and Control chart desirability tracking allow easy line-management.

Real-Time Statistical Process Control

Configurable Alarm and Notification Services

Manufacturing Health of Line (On-demand Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

Integrated Failure Mode, Action & Assignable Cause Tracker

Integrated ANOVA Analysis & Parameter Correlation

  Cloud Link Process Control with CloudFactoryWorx™ 

CloudFactoryWorx™ cloud link & big data analytics ensures collaborative MSA and gage tracking. This approach allows for Supply Chain metrology matching and Dynamic Correlation control while keeping parts serialized and tracked.

MSA and Gage Analysis & Tracker

Parameter Correlation Offset


CloudFactoryWorx allowed FormFactor to automate data collection, reduce engineering overhead with advanced reporting and monitor.

CloudFactoryWorx allowed Microprobe drive up OTD Metrics while ensuring optimal Quality control and process management.

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Mickey Lee
Senior Staff Parametric Engineer
Kenneth McFerran
Director of Operations

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